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John Fleming needs a Pro-Bono Lawyer. The statutes and court rules have been researched and used extensively. The courts simply always ignore male Pro-Se litigants and their presentations and motions. They research ways to work around any filing and if necessary, simply violate the laws so they have the case(s) go whatever way they want. They will at least listen when a lawyer is representing an individual. The other chance that a Pro-Se male litigant has is a support structure that is known to the court and that is where you, the public comes in. By contacting the entities below and telling them how you feel would definitely help. It has been arranged in order.

Middlesex County, NJ Family Court docket numbers: FV-12-1942-03, FM-12-2275-03, FV-12-1950-03, etals.

Judge Frank M. Ciuffani, 120 New Street, New Brunswick, NJ  08901
732-981-3031 chambers, 732-981-3032 secretary, 732-981-3033 law clerk


Bruce J. Kaplan, Middlesex County, NJ  Prosecutor
Public Safety Building, 3rd Floor, 25 Kirkpatrick Street, New Brunswick, NJ 08901
732-745-3332 or 732-745-3604


John S. Corzine. Governor, Office of the Governor, PO Box 001, Trenton, NJ 08625


Department of Human Services, MIDDLESEX COUNTY, Suzanne Silverio, Executive Director. Coordinated Family Care
100 Metroplex Drive, Suite 301, Edison, NJ 08817
732-572-3663, FAX: 732-572-6392, E-MAIL:


Office of the Attorney General, Attn: R&I, Hughes Justice Complex,
25 Market Street - PO 085, Trenton, NJ 08625-0085


Kevin Ryan, New Jersey Office of the Child Advocate
135 W. Hanover Street, 3rd Floor, PO Box 92, Trenton, NJ 08625
609-984-1188  Fax: 609-292-1433

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