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Here is John Fleming and his children, John, Joseph & Anita in 2002. They love each other dearly and have never been apart since the day they were born, that is of course until April 7, 2003. Please click on "How you can help". 

The woman in the enclosed video was John Fleming's wife of Piscataway, New Jersey. She is captured on video violently beating her helpless children and her Husband.

 1. In September,  2002 she started a  sexually deviant lesbian affair with a co-worker,  a NOW advocate.
 2. This  affair caused extreme stress in John  Fleming, resulting in a diagnoses of  Diabetes in November, 2002.
 3.  After being confronted with his knowledge of  the affair she started  staying at her lover's home overnights.
 4. John  Fleming tried  desperately to work through the problems through professional  counseling.  She refused to  
     participate. Every time she   talked  to  her  lover, she was convinced otherwise and refused to go.
 5. Starting in  December, 2002 she started staying at her lover's  home every weekend and most  nights.
 6. In January, 2003 son  John (Jr.), 9 years old,  started school  refusal because mom  was not coming home.
 7. Her not coming home also reduced  the  financial structure of the family. John Fleming had to greatly reduce  his  work 
     time to stay home with the  children by almost 50%. It is also  on surveillance record that  this was intentional
     by her in a statement "I'm  gonna make sure  you don't work so you       can't get a lawyer and you will  be  nothing".
     John Fleming could not leave the children alone and  does not have  family in the area.
 8. John's (Jr.) School  refusal led to violent acts and  being institutionalized for 10  days, twice.
 9. In realizing that something  drastic had to  be done, John Fleming had to prove the affair through lawful  surveillance. 
     John Fleming recorded  conversations in the family van  between wife and lover, kept copies of voice mail and used
     video  surveillance in  the home..
10. After months of surveillance  and documentation, John Fleming  did get allot of evidence of the  affair but to his
      surprise captured things that he did not want to believe and also absolute and unarguable proof that  she is a violent and
      dangerous abuser. He captured her violently  beating his children and him and telling son John  it is OK to kill himself.
11.  She started coming home drunk  and even with marijuana most days.
12. After  many months of  trying to salvage the family and wife refusing to work out  separation  agreements, John
      Fleming decided to take action. He reported  the abuse to DYFS (NJ's CPS) by giving them a copy of  the abuse video
      on March  15, 2003.
13. Lauren Sullivan, a case  worker with DYFS investigated with all  parties including schools  and interviews with the
      children. Lauren Sullivan  never actually interviewed John Fleming about any past history of HER  abuse.
14. She has a long history of attempted suicides, attempted  murder of  John Fleming, assaults on John Fleming and
      assaults  on John (Jr.) at two months old starting in 1993,  falsifying injuries - one in  particular is an alleged injury to 
      her head. She received that injury as a  child, about 15 years prior to their acquaintance and is on record  with  the US
      consulate, Philippines. This all on surveillance and/or  police/hospital  records and other documentaion.
15. She was  scheduled  for an interview with DYFS at there office in North Brunswick, NJ  on  April 7, 2003. They made
     her aware of the video. After that interview  she came home about noon, cursed  and  threatened John Fleming about the
     video.  The family went to McDonald's  so the kids can play for a while. WE  arrived back  home about 2:30pm. She
     packed up allot of clothes calling it  laundry  for the laundromat, took her son Kevin and parked  across the  street and
     talked to her lover for a few hours (documented)  on her cell phone.
16. About 4:30pm she came back and announced  "Come on kids, the police are  on there way, we're going to the  shelter".
17. Two Piscataway squad cars  arrived a few moments  later. Patrolman Carmen asked her "Were you assaulted today?", 
      she replied  "No, I just want to speak with a social worker".  John  Fleming asked Carmen to stay behind. Carmen was
      shocked when  he had seen the  video. He brang it to police HQ's where she was questioned about it.  She then made a
      (false) allegation  of abuse happening "sometime between 1pm and  4:30pm" but didn't know exactly what time.
      Carmen came back and asked  John Fleming if he would like to go to police HQ's and John Fleming  did. All  this is
      part of  the police report.
18   While at police HQ's the  police called in DYFS and social workers.  They never questioned John Fleming on  her
19. The  police then called Judge Ritz and he issued a temporary  restraining  order against John Fleming, he retained the
      residence, she and the kids went to a shelter. She used past dismissed  and proven falsified  allegations to obtain the
      new TRO.
20.  A hearing was scheduled for April 15,  2003 in Middlesex County,  NJ family court. While there her attorney had it 
       rescheduled for reasons unknown. The law requires that it be heard with ten days of the TRO.
21. The hearing took place on April 28, 2003  before Judge Bradley J. Ferencz, who is now a criminal trial judge.
22. She  testified to events that are not in the TRO and that by clear  and convincing  evidence cannot possibly be true. She
      also testified  "he has not worked  in nine years".
23. John  Fleming not only worked very hard, overnight, days  and weekends,  he showed proof that he was the
      breadwinner of the family.
24.  Ferencz did not use that proof in that manner, he was calculating  child  support.
25. John Fleming mentioned the video to Ferencz  and testified to the  events of April 7, 2003.
26. John Fleming  did not give the video to the  court. It was relayed through DYFS.  John Fleming never saw Ferencz
     actually  watch the video. It could have been edited by DYFS or they could have  just gave him  a copy of "Return to
     Gilligan's Island" for all he knows.
27. Ferencz stated to John Fleming "I saw the video and I spoke to  DYFS and YOU ARE  THE ABUSER !" Ferencz then
      ordered that  John Fleming cannot have contact  with wife or children until John  Fleming gets a psychological
       evaluation (that  cost's around $15,000 to $20,000) before he can even have supervised  visitation  of the children.
       Ferencz also ordered $169 per week child support. And that he is not permitted to return to the residence except to get
       personal  belongings for 15 minutes that evening.
28.  Ferencz never scolded her or even  mentioned the contents of the  video. John Fleming was not allowed to give further
       testimony.  He permitted her escape with the children, a felony  and act of violence under the law.
29.  As mentioned in a  later transcript,  she filed for divorce with a pre-typed and pre-prepared  lawsuit a few moments 
       later that same day.
30. John Fleming  contacted Piscataway police to pick up  personal belongings. Police  contacted her and she refused.
      Police informed John  Fleming to go back to the family court. John Fleming obtained a new  order  and she continued
      to refuse and John Fleming was told by the court  "There is nothing we can do". John Fleming has very  sentimental
      belongings  there that were obtained between 1  and 20 years prior to the marriage.  Some of which  belonged to John
      Fleming's mother, Anita (daughter named  after  her) who had passed on in 1972 when John Fleming was a boy.
31.  In  April, 2004 she made documented threatening calls to John Fleming  not to use the  video at the divorce trial. John
      Fleming filed  complaints.
32. On May 5, 2004  the divorce trial took place,  Judge David A, Rosenberg (now deceased) ordered  the divorce.He  only
      asked her about past abuse.  The divorce was not  based on the merits,  but only on the a court rule that John  Fleming
      did not  answer interrogatories. John Fleming was not  allowed to show evidence  or cross-examine  witnesses, John
      Fleming  insisted he needed more time to obtain  legal counsel and was refused and ignored. Rosenberg and attorney 
      Murianda Ruffin  had a few laughs at the conclusion of the trial.
33. John  Fleming's  complaint for the phone call was heard by Judge Fred Kieser, Jr.  a few  moments later. Kieser
      concluded and ruled that it is not a violation of  the restraining order, under case law, for one  parent to contact the
      other in regards to the children, ignoring  the basis of the complaint.
34. From then  until recently John  Fleming had filed numerous motions with the family court,  sending her copies as
      required by court rules.
35. In October 2005, John  Fleming filed a criminal perjury complaint against her.
36. The trial was  ultimately set for January 10, 2006 in New Brunswick  municipal court before  Judge John Leonard.
37. On or about  January 3, 2006 John Fleming filed two  motions with the family  court, Dismiss FRO and Enforce
      Litigant's rights. The Dismiss motion contained all the documentary evidence proving  that she  falsified all testimony,
      court rules and statutes for  same. It also contained proposed orders for joint  custody and retroactive dismissal of prior 
      orders. The Enforce  motion contained all court rules, statutes and US  constitutional  that John Fleming should either
      have access to the  DYFS  records or their claim should be dismissed.
38. The Piscataway   police  received a copy of Enforce Litigants Rights the week prior  to January 10, 2006  by  certified 
      mail. In that motion is a letter fromthe NJ State  Attorney General's office stating  in part "you must file a copy with
      your  adversary".
39. She  received all this documentation, a lawsuit filed by John  Fleming  and a parenting plan on January 9 and January
      10, 2006, day of trial. A few hours prior to her perjury  trial.
40. On  January 10, 2006, a few  hours prior to her trial, she contacted  the Piscataway police officer James W.  Richards,
      badge 1096 that  John Fleming had violated the restraining  order  by sending her those legal documents. Officer
      Richards had a no  bail  warrant issued for John Fleming. She never  mentioned to officer  Richards the order of Kieser.
      Officer Richards  never took into account the  orders of the Attorney General.
41. Upon arrival at the New Brunswick  municipal court, John Fleming  was informed of the warrant by the prosecutor
      with  an officer  present. He was asked how he wanted to proceed against  her.  John Fleming stated he wanted her to
      go to trial. John Fleming  was asked to wait  in the courtroom. Her public defender,  Richard Veitch never appeared in 
      court. She and the prosecutor  appeared in the courtroom together at the same  table. The prosecutor informed the judge
      of the warrant very loudly  and  publicly. Judge John Leonard defended the defendant stating "In  Metuchen  case law,
      a private citizen cannot prosecute  a criminal case".  Leonard than asked the prosecutor what his position  was, the
      prosecutor state "I  do not have a position".  Leonard then asked John Fleming if he has  counsel to prosecute and John
      Fleming stated "no". Leonard then  dismissed the case.  John Fleming was arrested in the courtroom.
42.  At  the MCACC John Fleming met with other persons who were there for  the same  statute, 2C:29-9b, Violation of
       restraining order. They  were being represented by the Public Defender's  Office. John Fleming wrote them numerous 
       times and was denied  representation via letter.
43. On Friday, January 28,  2006  John Fleming awaits to be heard at the Superior Court holding cell.  He is  informed that
      Judge David A. Rosenberg had  died a few days earlier.  John Fleming is handcuffed and celled  with accused
      murderers, pedophiles,  rapists and armed robbers.
44.  John Fleming appears before Judge Jane B.  Cantor and assistant  county prosecutor Michael Weiss. John Fleming
      pleads that not only is his  right to appointment of counsel been unconstitutionally  been denied, but the complaint is
      frivelous and not valid.  John Fleming's  request for ROR is  denied.
45. On January 30, 2006 John Fleming  again goes before Cantor but  before being heard "she had to go"  for unrelated
46. On January 13,  2006 John Fleming  gets ROR'd by Cantor.
47. On February 10, 2006 John Fleming's  motions are denied by Judge Frank M.  Ciuffani because the orders  are not
      present in the paperwork. John Fleming  complains that the intake office did not give them to him and they  have done
      this on numerous occasions. John Fleming mentions an incident  report from the Piscataway police that 16 year old
      step-son Kevin is beating 12  year old son John. Kevin has also been in serious trouble with the law and was
      incarcerated. John  Fleming also complains that the TRO and FRO used previously dismissed allegations to obtain new
      ones. Ciuffani ruled  "That's  how we do it".
48. John Fleming looked at the intake  office file and saw the  proposed orders and told the staff to  give it to the judge
49. Upon arrival at home,  John Fleming called the law clerk of Ciuffani and informed  him  of the discovery. The law
      clerk informed John Fleming he has made  Ciuffani aware and that Ciuffani had ordered a hearing  with her and John
      Fleming  on March 17, 2006.
50. John Fleming also inquired as to the date of the VRO  trial and apparently it never took place because there is no date.

In conclusion  as of this date, John Fleming remains extremely depressed  without  the love, affection and custody of his children. He is the victim  of catostrophic domestic violence and conspiracy by authorities.  He is not a  quitter when it comes to his children. John Fleming  will keep fighting for his  children until, if necessary, God has  called him to heaven. And may God watch  over his and all children  everywhere and keep them from the violent abuses  that John  Fleming's children, John, Joseph and Anita has to continue to  endure.

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