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Help an Abused Family         (Watch abuse video now) 

Here is John Fleming and his children, John, Joseph & Anita in 2002. They love each other dearly and have never been apart since the day they were born, that is of course until April 7, 2003. Please click on "How you can help". 

The woman in the enclosed video was John Fleming's wife of Piscataway, New Jersey.
SHE WAS AWARDED FULL UNSUPERVISED CUSTODY IMMEDIATELY AFTER POLICE NOTIFICATION. She is captured on video violently beating her helpless children and her Husband, John. It was shown to police. She was not criminally charged or even questioned about this video by any judge in family court. She has a long history of attempted suicides and violence against the children and husband starting in 1993. There were several FRO's against her. At the time of this video, she was having a lesbian affair with a co-worker NOW advocate that advised her how to "beat the system" in the courts. Her lover is recorded saying "When are you going to get rid of him so we can be together". The authorities refuse to prosecute her on any front. Her husband is not allowed to see the children for reasons unknown. Even through discovery, DYFS and the courts will not inform husband what the allegations are against him and therefore cannot dispute them. She had seized all husband's assets.

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